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At The Big Bear Hug Organization we welcome all volunteers. Volunteer services are an important and significant part of our charity. The Big Bear Hug Organization is big on food and clothing donations and community activism. As our organization grows we are expected to be collecting more and more food and clothing donations. As these donations grow, so will the need for individuals that can collect and distribute these donations. The Big Bear Hug values everyone’s time and greatly appreciates anyone who volunteers to pick up donations, distribute donations, or any other activities that may call for your help. We genuinely extend our sincerest thanks. Thank You!

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The Big Bear Hug greatly appreciates any contributions that are made. Through your donations our organization is able to not only help the community, but also thrive and grow. The vision of The Big Bear Hug is not only to provide food and clothing for the homeless, but to inform individuals about mental health, and help the youth too. Each donation aids our organization in establishing our future and achieving our goals. Each and every dollar donated goes toward bettering the organization; so, helping The Big Bear Hug, helps those less fortunate. Again our organization expresses our sincerest thanks to all those who help support us. Thank You!

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The email is and you can also contact us by phone at 215.300.2074