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The Big Bear Hug greatly appreciates any contributions that are made. Through your donations our organization is able to not only help the community, but also thrive and grow. The vision of The Big Bear Hug is not only to provide food and clothing for the homeless, but to inform individuals about mental health, and help the youth too. Each donation aids our organization in establishing our future and achieving our goals. Each and every dollar donated goes toward bettering the organization; so, helping The Big Bear Hug, helps those less fortunate. Again our organization expresses our sincerest thanks to all those who help support us. Thank You!

The Big Bear Hug Mission Statement

The Big Bear Hug was established December 31, 2015 by Founder, and President Tariq McGilberry, in hopes of creating a new and innovative institution that will aid the homeless, less fortunate, and at risk youth. The Big Bear Hug Inc. was created with the goal of strengthening the community through charitable works and educating the youth. Creating a better community through the community.

The Beginning Development of The Big Bear Hug Non – Profit Organization

I started out with the simple concept to try teach my kids to appreciate what they had.  

I wanted them to be able to recognize that they were blessed and that there were many other people that were less fortunate. I figured that I could take them to soup kitchens and have them volunteer and let them see for themselves just how fortunate they were. I planned to buy scarves, hat, and gloves and take them around the city of Philadelphia and distribute them to the homeless. But then I asked myself why stop there? I thought to myself that I could do so much more and get more than just my kids involved. I started to think of different religious and community based groups I could reach out to in order to increase the amount of clothes I would be able to distribute. 

At first I was thinking to simply collect clothing and distribute them, but as I started to talk to more people and brainstorm, people suggested taking my vision to the next level and become a non – profit. I started to realize that by having the status of a 501(c)(3), it may give me more creditability and maybe even access to individuals that may not have heard me out as an independent entity. I also believe that by establishing myself as a non – profit, individuals may be more willing to provide cash donations that may help me build the charity. I also felt that by becoming an official non – profit that it may also give me access to government funding and/or grants. 

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Beginning Development